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Are Triple-Pane Windows Worth The Investment?

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One of the most common questions we get from customers is, “are triple-pane windows worth it?” 

You’ll find a lot of conflicting information online, so we’re here to set the record straight on whether triple-pane windows are worth the investment for your home.

But first, let’s discuss what triple-pane windows are.

Double vs Triple-Pane Windows

Window panes are the sheets of glass in a window. Double and triple-pane windows have two and three panes, respectively. Each pane has spacers and an insulating agent like argon gas between each pane.

With two panes and one layer of argon gas, double-pane windows are great for all climates, except areas that experience harsh winters.

Triple-pane windows take it a step further with three panes of glass and two layers of argon gas. They’re the most technologically advanced window on the market and provide unmatched energy efficiency. Triple-pane windows are most commonly used in climates that experience cold winter weather or in homes in noisy areas.

Homes that opt for triple-pane windows typically see their energy efficiency improve by 20-30%, and a home in an area that experiences harsh winters can save 2-3% on energy bills.

With this in mind, are triple-pane windows worth it for your home? Let’s discuss the pros and cons.

Pros of Triple-Pane Windows 

Cons of Triple-Pane Windows

The Verdict? Triple-Pane Are Worth The Investment.

With the warm summers and frigid winters the midwest offers, your home is likely to benefit from the extra insulation triple-pane windows provide. Your home will be more comfortable year round, you’ll save on your electric bills, and you’ll enjoy a boost in curb appeal. Ready to get started? Schedule your free consultation today!

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