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How to Install Window Treatments

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Dress up your windows with window treatments for a look that fits your style and your home’s needs. Think window treatments are right for your home?

Download our installation guide or follow the steps below for a successful installation.

Determine What Type of Window Treatment Is Right For You.

Treatments can be placed into two primary categories: hard window treatments and soft window treatments. 

1. Hard Window Treatments

Hard window treatments are defined as being made from hard materials such as wood or vinyl. They include shutters, shades and blinds. 

2. Soft Window Treatments / Coverings

Soft window treatments are made from fabric or textiles. They include drapes, curtains, sheers, valances, swags and Roman shades.

Don’t Forget Installation Hardware

Hardware will depend on the window treatment you’ve selected, but expect to purchase brackets, rods, tiebacks and installation tools. You’ll also need appropriate sizes for screws and nails, which should be listed in your product information once you’ve purchased your treatment.

Consider Layering Window Treatments

Window treatments can be layered to add depth and texture, but this requires additional planning. Soft treatments that are big and heavy will need sturdier drapery rods and brackets. Hard window treatments like shades can be rolled up or down manually, but you may want a motorized addition.

Install Your Window Treatments

For smooth installation, carefully follow any steps or recommendations your product directions mention. Blinds, shades, curtains and drapes are among some of the easiest treatments to install, but some treatments, like shutters, require extra parts and tools to install. If you encounter any problems, or just need some expert help, consider hiring a professional.

Upgrade Your Windows with Window World of Kansas City

Both soft and hard window treatments provide the opportunity to control your home’s atmosphere, preserve privacy and enhance curb appeal. The right window treatment for your home should reflect your personality and lifestyle—and so should the windows they’re installed on. Need help in upgrading your windows? Request a free estimate today!

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