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What is Solar Heat Gain and How Does It Impact Your Home?

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Solar heat gain describes the amount of solar radiation that your home absorbs. If you don’t have energy-efficient windows, solar heat gain could increase the temperature of your house and potentially increase your energy bills. Read on to learn more about solar heat gain and how you can reduce its impact on your home. 

What Causes Solar Heat Gain? 

 Solar heat gain naturally occurs from the sun shining down on the earth. Similar to the way sidewalks get hot during the summer, your doors and windows collect heat from constant sun exposure. Energy-efficient windows are better at reflecting the sun’s heat, ensuring the heat doesn’t impact your home’s interior temperatures.

What is Solar Heat Gain Coefficient? 

Solar heat gain coefficient lets you measure the amount of heat that your doors and windows allow into your home. Most products include the solar heat gain coefficient rating (SHGC) in the product information. Note that the solar heat coefficient ranges from a 0-1 scale. 

If your windows have a high solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) number, that means your windows absorb heat at a higher rate than other windows. Higher SHGC numbers are good if it gets cold where you live. Windows and doors with a low SHGC number are more likely to protect your home from solar heat gain. If you experience extreme heat in the summers, we recommend that you look for windows and doors with a low SHGC. 

How To Reduce Solar Heat Gain 

Here are a few ways that you can reduce solar heat gain’s impact on your home: 

Choose Energy Efficient Windows for Your Home

You can find energy-efficient windows for your home by looking for products with a low SHGC. Typically, double-pane windows with low-E glass are the most energy-efficient and have the lowest SHGC number. Learn more about what makes a window energy-efficient here.

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Add Energy Efficient Blinds or Curtains

To complement your energy-efficient windows, try adding some energy-efficient blinds or curtains to your windows. Not only can this add more style to your home, but it could also help you block extra light and heat. 

Pick A Lighter Color For Your Home

If your home accumulates more heat in the summer, try choosing a lighter paint or vinyl siding color for your home. Dark gray, black, and red absorb more heat than light colors like white, beige, or light gray. Some paint brands even offer paint designed to reflect UV rays, which could be a good option for those that live in exceptionally sunny climates.

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