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Solar Panels Vs. Energy-Efficient Windows: Which Has Higher ROI?

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There are many reasons to make energy efficiency a priority when it comes to your home. Not only can it help decrease the amount of energy you use in heating and cooling your home, but doing so decreases the amount of fossil fuel you consume in powering your home, a plus for the planet. Energy-efficient upgrades could help you see some cost savings in your utility bills as well! 

But choosing the method to invest your money in to increase energy efficiency can be tough. We’ll outline what solar panels and energy-efficient windows can accomplish for your home’s energy use and share our thoughts on which could present a higher ROI for your home. 

How Do Solar Panels Help?

Solar panels, or photovoltaic (PV) panels, can generate electricity for your home through solar power. By using solar power as a supplement to the power from your local utility provider, you’ll cut costs on utility bills. After all, you’re creating some of the electricity you’re using yourself! Plus, as a renewable energy source, you’ll be able to pat yourself on the back for contributing to using more sustainable energy sources. 

However, these benefits do come with some drawbacks. There’s a steep cost for bringing solar energy to your home. Solar panel installations can run to tens of thousands of dollars, meaning seeing the break-even point on your investment could take years. 

Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows 

Let’s start with the obvious benefit involved with energy-efficient windows over solar panels: the financial cost. Installing new energy-efficient windows has a much lower cost than installing a brand-new solar panel system while still providing a lowered carbon footprint. 

With thoughtfully-crafted windows, you get an energy-efficient product that helps to keep heat in during the winter and out during summertime. Double-paned windows with excellent thermal insulation and low-E glass to block most UV rays, keeping your home comfortable, can go a long way toward seeing savings on your utilities every month! Low-E glass alone can raise the energy efficiency of each individual window by up to 24% year-round. 

Energy Efficiency ROI: Which Way to Go?

We recommend you start with energy-efficient basics like windows to build your home’s overall efficiency at a cost-effective price point. Adding solar panels on top of that can help, but given the financial investment involved in installing panels, this could be a later project to further your home’s energy efficiency. Starting smaller and leaner with windows is a good first step to make, especially given that windows are an essential part of your home as it is. They’ll still bring a lower carbon footprint as well, meaning you’ll be able to feel good about your choice in using less fossil fuels to heat or cool your home. 

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